KAM Financial & Realty, Inc. is a Southern California based residential real estate and mortgage brokerage that is engaged in the business of helping you buy, sell, finance, rent, and managing property. We provide our cliental with education, strategy and guidance to help them achieve their real estate related goals and objectives.

With our network of real estate professionals, memberships, affiliations and lenders, we can leverage our industry connections and knowledge and experience to negotiate for you the best deal possible.  So whether you’re looking to find a lender to finance an investment property or you just want to know what your house could sell for, KAM Financial & Realty, Inc. has your needs covered.


logo2If you would like to learn more about buying the right home for you, please call us at (619) 356-1086 or email us at admin@kamfr.com. We are happy to assist you with whatever your real estate needs may be.